Project objective

The main objectives of MAGICPAH are:

  1. to generate a knowledge base of the microbial aerobic catabolome with particular relevance to biodegradation of PAHs in various impacted environmental settings

  2. to develop concepts to quantify in situ degradation of PAH employing combined hydrogen and carbon stable isotope analysis

  3. to identify key players and key reactions involved in anaerobic PAH metabolism

  4. to achieve a detailed understanding on key processes for PAH metabolism in marine and composting environments

  5. to develop methods to predict the ultimate fate and the kinetics of aerobic degradation of PAH under different conditions of bioavailability

  6. to isolate and sequence novel key players in PAH metabolism to understand the genomic basis of niche specificities that allow microbes to thrive and function in extreme PAH impacted environments

  7. to investigate the potential synergistic links between environmental biotechnology and medical biotechnology by assessing novel biocatalysts for their use in new biocatalytic processes

  8. to integrate detailed catabolome and reactome information through bioinformatic techniques to re-construct metabolic networks

  9. to apply gathered information to improve the treatment performance of PAH contaminated sites